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Oh Hello ! So where to start ?

See the picture above ? Well it’s us
Margaux the brunette and Julia the blonde one.
And Yes ! We are real sister, same dad, same mom.
So, basically, we both decided to start a blog
because we thought it could be interesting to
communicate our style and perhaps inspire
people on a daily basis.

Thebmaker comes from a combination of the letter B which
is the first letter of our last name and Maker which refer to
the tee shirt created by Julia.

Julia is a graphist, fascinated by street art, she creates graphic
teeshirt that are available on our blog and is the creative
director of the blog.

Margaux studied business and luxury management,
she has work for a few fashion brand, and is now a
product manager assistant, and takes care of the

We have a hippie-boho-rock-casual-chic kind of style.
And we have one thing in commom: FASHION

We have grown up in this sphere from our younger age
thanks to our parents, which is probably why we are
so passionate about it.

We have traveled a lot, stayed 5 years in Los Angeles
and discovered a new culture. We are inspired by our
travels but also by street style, art and vintage pictures.

Our mom loved to dress us up in the same way. So here
is a preview of our album. We both wear in this picture
a jumpsuit and a pair of New Balance,which are today
considered as basics.

photo copie

Julia, 27 years old, blonde hair, studies graphism.
Margaux, 25 years old, brown hair, studies business.




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