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written by Julia 27/04/2016
All red everything is my new memo. I woke up early to catch the sun on that day. As you may not all know the weather in Paris is very unstable. We can have the sun and the storm on the same day. Weird huh..I am in Place de Valois, in the 1st district of Paris. Also it is a gorgeous area, very chic where you can find a lot of business man as it is near the Palais Royal.

I am wearing a very comfortable outfit, in all red, I feel like I am wearing my pajama. I bought the total look, I know it can be hard to wear but I love everything about this outfit. You can wear this outfit the day as well as the night. The flare pants can be worn with a basic top and heels, big heels, I am wearing a pair of wedge from Chloé which is ideal. The pants is the piece to have these days, it was fashionable this winter but it will also be this summer, trust me.

I love this bohemian set from Bash, the silk fabric is soft and well-made, the pattern is very beautiful it is a mixed of green, red, orange colors which gives a tropical and beachy look. The brand is actually known for this boho style. I love this brand they have discreet prints and they are accessible to all.  You should definitely check out their website they have really great stuff.








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