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An afternoon in Venice Beach !

written by Julia 22/10/2016

Venice Beach, one of the coolest places in California. But also famous for its street which is between the city and the sea. A line of beautiful houses and full of typical shops you can find of all kinds. As well as many fast food, popcorn yet hot in the mouth. During the photoshoot they were filming a TV show as they know how to do it. Funny, they were also stopping passersby to interview them.

What I love about Venice Beach is that no one cares about how you dress up or what you do in life. It’s just a cool place to hang out, biking on Sundays or walk your dog. You can also have a brunch after walking with your love ones, eating ice cream and listening to music made by a guy on rollerblades.

What I love most about Venice Beach, is the houses along the sea. They are gorgeous, I wish I could own a house like one of these. I mean, seriously ! The view is splendid, the people are super cool, the weather is amazing. The restaurant are OK.

Venice Beach is also located right next to the ferris wheel in Santa Monica, it is called Santa Monica Pier. Which is like a playground for kids, they have roller coaster, arcade, trapeze school and much more. It has so many games and the view is amazing because you are on the beach.

I’m wearing my lucky shorts, my tank to from H&M and converse of course! Very casual as always for my part, I hate dressing up on vacation. I like to wake up and put on something real casual and something that represents me. I don’t like to wear a lot of make-up. Thus, it is so hot in Los Angeles right now, that you wouldn’t want to wear to much pattern on you.


Short : LEVIS Top : H&M Bag :  MIKA SAROLEA








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