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Cuban Cars x Mango combo

written by Julia 11/09/2017
Hello everyone, I suggest you, if you have some time, to go around some neighborhood after La Havane, such as Vinales, you can discover the tobacco fields over there. I also ride a horse for like 4 hours, but between us I think it’s a bit too much… Then go swimming in a cave it’s amazing, you only have a lamp to enlighten you but it’s a great experience.

After that we took a break in La Havane for our last day, we went to a restaurant 15 minutes away from Rio Mar, it was very luxurious, you can eat fresh fish, I personally chose the ceviche as an entry it was very good, I definitely recommend this place. My flowery outfit comes from Mango I love this green set that highlights with my tan and my hair have lighten with the sun, I just love the contrasted colors.
Rio Mar : 3ra y Final #11, La Puntilla, Miramar, 11 Avenida 3ra, La Habana, Cuba

Top: Mango Bottom: Mango Shoes: Vans Sunglasses: Kyme sunglasses



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