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written by Margaux 18/12/2016

Lace up top : we are not tired of this new trend. Casual chic with a sexy tip, lace-up tops are in this season and deserve it well. Perfect for a seventies look, they are essential for all inveterate fashion wearers and will wear great with flare pants and platforms. There is everthing you need to lace up from head to toe: bodys neckline, wide blouses or crop tops. While you’re in the boho genre, baba cool, festival or chic in the evening.

I am wearing a Zara top while shooting in the cold again, getting use to it, I guess .. ! I was freezing in these pictures because the lace up top is very warm but of course you need to wear it with a coat outside. It is very hard to shoot in these condition, sometimes your lips are getting purple because of the cold. You don’t know what to do with your faces and how to express yourself. Galith, one of my best friend took these pictures and I am totally comfortable with her. She knows how to make me pretty in pictures, have the right angle and everything. She took these pictures the same day as the green vintage sweater actually, we were so inspired this day and could not stop shooting. We are both very effective in our work. It’s our passion and I am so glad to work with a friend.

I am also wearing another trend, which is the choker. This one is from Claire’s, I feel like I am 10 years old again. It is so strange how trends comes and goes. Some of them return such as this specific choker.  A 90’s style look with this henna black plastic collar. This retro choker necklace is great for bringing a twist to any outfit.

Sweater : ZARA Denim : SHINE Choker: CLAIRE’S Watch: ROLEX

Photo taken by Galith Sabah











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