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written by Margaux 17/01/2018

Masini & Chern is a luxury sleepwear label. Masini & Chern not only offers traditional pyjamas, it also provides an edited selection of sophisticated and fashion forward prints.

Let me talk to you a bit about the founder of the brand. She is an innate lover of sleepwear. The design incorporates luxurious fabrics for both style and comfort. The house is based in Austalia, there is no stockists in France but you can find the collection online.

The pyjama set comes with a matching pyjama bag. Both set are long sleeve shirt with elastic waistband drawstring pants. Finished with French seams.

Julia is wearing Navy w/ White Piping Pyjama Set and Margaux is wearing Banana Leaf Pyjama Set.

The fabric is amazing, so soft and comfy, 100% viscose. Viscose is a wood based fibre. It is breathable and extremely soft to sleep in.

These pyjamas are perfect for pre wedding prep, lazy vacation mornings or even breakfast with house guests.

Masini & Chern also offers personalised wedding packages. You should definitely check them online.

A bit of advice on how I think a pyjama should be worn.

Day-time pyjamas have been on the fashion radar for quite some time now. Here is a bit of advice on how I think a pyjama should be worn.

Lunch with the girls

When out for lunch with your girsl, you can rock the full set. Wear your set with heels or a pair of vans. In some cases the full pyjama look needs height to allow the hem to fall just so. Opt for an open toe heeled sandals for example.

Day at the Office

When going to the office, go for a black pyjama set or a dark blue to stay chic. Add heels to ensure you look classy and powerful.

If you are not comfortable wearing the set as is, pari the pieces woth more structured items such as fitted blazer or fitted pants. Just wear the top, roll up the sleeves and team with jeans. Add a blazer and bold necklaces or earrings and your good to go.

If you’re more into an androgynous look, keep everything loose and team with a tailored overcoat or jacket.

The key to nailing this look is simplicity. If your set is printed such as Margaux, then go for minimal accessories.

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