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written by Margaux 10/05/2016

It is hard these days to pick up an outfit to shoot with this weather which is constantly changing, from sunny to cloudy. It is also not always cute, when we are not matching, so we tried on many different outfit and see if it could fit together and we ended up with these two looks, we hope you like it !!

Julia is wearing a printed long dress from Grace & Mila, a very cute brand, we loved these colors which highlights her blue eyes and her curly hair with the green and yellow. The Tunisian collar allow to show a bit of her chest you could add a necklace. This dress is perfect for all the sizes because it has waistband and we loved the finishing ruffle at the neckline and cuffs. It is a very chic outfit that you can wear during the day or the night for a date, during summer because the fabric is very thin. Julia was freezing !!

Margaux has more of a tomboy style, if we could describe it like that, even if she loves wearing dresses and skirt, but she is more of a ripped jeans kind of girl. She choose to wear a vest from Bash and boots from Zara with a simple black jeans. She added a belt from Iro, just to match a bit with Julia’s dress and also to accessorize a bit the outfit. It also matches her watch !

We are shooting in Palais Royal which is very close to Les Colonnes de Buren, near also the Louvre and Saint Honoré. We are actually even planning on shooting on the Colonnes de Buren, which is not very original but the place is just amazing, we just have to shoot there.

Vest : BASH Jeans : SHINE Boots : ZARA Belt : IRO
Dress : GRACE & MILA Heels : & OTHER STORIES Clutch : CHLOE

Palais Royal 1

Palais Royal 2

Palais Royal 3

Palais Royal 7

Palais Royal 4

Palais Royal 5

Palais Royal 6

Palais Royal 8

Palais Royal 9

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