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Passage du Grand Cerf

written by Margaux 12/04/2016

There is a lot of covered passage in Paris, they are sheltering mostly
commercial galleries and are located in the middle of the buildings.
We are in the passage du Grand Cerf and we wanted to exploit the
skylight given by the glass roof that gives a special light in the pictures.
We love the architecture and the fact that it represents the typical
architecture of Paris.

We chose two very distinct styles on these pictures, Margaux is wearing
a high waisted jeans from Paul and Joe and a basic top from Zara. Now,
let’s talk about that choker that I chose to wear to awake my look and
give a sexy, fun, kind of grungy look that I love. I wore it back then in
the 90’s but it totally different way. As of today, the chocker has a
different trend approach. It has become an essential accessory and
I am actually thinking of buying more chokers, thicker or with a pendant
or add other thin necklace.

Julia adopted a more bohemian, hippie look with a suede short from
Laurence Bras and a Zara shirt. With her long legs she can wear anything,
and the short suits her perfectly with the wedge that makes her long even
taller. The look fits also with the colors of the passage which was not
anticipated but looks actually really good on picture. She is preparing for
spring and it looks very cool on her.

Passage du Grand Cerf : 145 Rue Saint-Denis, 75002 Paris

Jeans : PAUL & JOE Shirt : ZARA Choker : CLAIRE’S Sneakers : CONVERSE

Shirt : ZARA Short : LAURENCE BRAS Bracelets : MYA BAY Heels : CHLOE







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