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Tumultuous America by Jean-Pierre Laffont

written by Julia 19/10/2015
Jean-Pierre Laffont

Jean-Pierre Laffont  captured from 1965 and for over thirty years,
as many topics as possible on America’s society and on the spirit
of that time.

The city was going to significant changes and it seemed that people
where in the street trying to protest.As we walk to the exhibitions we
can see that Jean-Pierre Laffont experienced in major moments the
contruction of the World Trade Center or the Bronx gangs and during
the violence,  jewish people protesting against autopsies prohibited
by their religion.

Julia took those pictures the same day as the Lanvin exhibition. We
both loved Jean-Pierre Laffont work and the colors that he chooses.

Jean-Pierre Laffont at the Maison Européenne until October 31st.
Maison Européenne : 5/7 Rue de Fourcy, 75004 Paris








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