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written by Margaux 14/12/2016

I have a lot to tell you about this vintage sweater. So my dad is one of the founder of Chevignon but let’s just say that he worked at its beginning. And I recently found this green sweater from Chevignon in my second home in Le Touquet, which is in the north of France. I opened my closet and found this green sweater that I also have in red.  I immediately had an idea on where to shoot this sweater. In Le Touquet near the beach there is
a series of colorful beach booth and it is gorgeous. Of course it was very cold as always but it was worth it now that I’m looking at the pictures. I love the colors, the shape, the fabric is just awesome. I stole this vintage sweater from my dad because I love to wear some pieces very oversize. Also a huge fan of green, I think it is so easy to wear and pair with other colors.

It was also so cool to shoot these pictures with one of my best friend Galith. She is very talented, I love how she takes the picture and how involve she gets. She has a great creativity and right angle.

My dad used to worked at Chevignon about 30 years ago, so I pay a lot of attention to this pullover.

Sweater : CHEVIGNON Denim: SHINE Sneakers : ADIDAS Watch : ROLEX

Photo taken by Galith Sabah









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