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What is Panoply ?

written by Margaux 28/01/2018

What is Panoply ?

Panoply is a high-end clothing rental platform that promises to change the dress habits of fashionistas. It is an innovative mode of consumption. It allows women to renew their wardrobe easily.

You are tired of compulsive shopping? Buying stuff that you never wear that still has the tag on in your wardrobe? When time is lacking and ideas too? You have an empty wardrobe or a too-familiar one? You are feeling a bit uninspired? PANOPLY is your solution.

The showroom is located in one of the most gorgeous district in Paris, Rue Royale. The most beautiful brands are proposed: Marc Jacobs, Etro, Sonia Rykiel, Philip Lim, Proenza Schouler, Victoria Beckham. You can pass by the showroom, discover the collections and try them on directly.

When you don’t have time to shop, don’t worry, Panoply is here for you. You can benefit from a personal shopper. For example, you have a special event coming in or simply need clothes for the next day?  A personal shopper is as you service. She chooses pieces from the showroom, and proposes them to you.  Try to imagine yourself in their well decorated living room, drinks are offered by the house, they have every size for you, and you are definitely treated like a princess.

You don’t have any time to stop by at the showroom? You can order all your pieces online, check the calendar and see which pieces are available.

Panoply allows you to rent pieces that you cannot afford, wear brands that you will never think of wearing in your life. Panolpy gives you the chance to wear luxury brands once in a while and feel privileged.

What is very important about Panoply is that they not only offer clothes for weddings or cocktails as we are used too. They manage to distinguish themselves by offering daily outfits. Brands such as Harmony, Maison Kitsuné, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel are affordable but when you are tired of wearing the same sweater every week, and probably will be tired of seeing it over and over again the next year. You can only rent it for a week and then return it. Nothing is blocking you from releasing it another time.

The idea is adapted to the needs of today’s women. Panoply allows women to have fun with fashion, maybe discover brands and feel powerful. Panoply can also be a complementary for your wardrobe. For example you can rent a coat from MSGM and mix it with your pieces from your wardrobe.

Julia and Margaux are so happy and enthusiast to make you discover this new concept. They both have rented pieces from Panoply and mixed it with their wardrobe.

So you are probably wondering why rent? Well let me enlighten you with some important points:
  • Making sure to always have the right outfit regardless of the occasion
  • Avoid stocking clothes that you will wear a few times or not at all
  • Feeling free to experiment a style or changing it
  • Being more responsible in the way you consume fashion
  • Value for money
  • Being able to wear clothes from current collections without breaking the bank
  • The originality of wearing strong and original pieces
  • The customer experience, with editorial content that facilitates our research. For example: what look to wear for a date?
Photo taken by Florian Gilbon – Skapierphoto.com

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